Nampak macam bantal peluk kan? ☺️ Ringan betul UltiMate Germagic Air Purifier dari @ogawamalaysia so mudah nak letak kat mana2 saje. Udara yang kita hirup dalam rumah pon bersih! ????


I’m back! Two weeks went by so quickly and what an amazing and fulfilling trip it was. Though there were some things I wished I had with me during that trip. One of it is of course, my beautiful family. And two, my OGAWA OmKnee2! We did so much walking that I wished I had this foot massager every time I got home after a long day. It’s my absolute favourite!


Lepas penat badan ni bekerja dan mengayuh basikal, duduk atas Ogawa massage chair, pasang mode ‘sweet dream’ terus rasa dibuai-buai.. layannn????????


A meaningful afternoon with touching stories from the audience. Thank you @ogawamalaysia for having me!