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Ogawa Easewell Disposable Mask (Non-Medical Use) 3 Layer Filter Protection (50pcs / Box)

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User Instructions

Please check the integrity and tightness of the mask before using it. Do not use it if there is any damage, deformation or contamination.

  1. Open the mask and keep the skin dry with the white non-woven fabric towards the face and the nose clip on the top.
  2. Adjust the hanging rope on either side and make sure it is comfortable to wear.
  3. Unfold the mask make sure it can cover your nose and mouth correctly.

Storage conditions

Well ventilated, dark and dry environment (recommended to be stored at temperature -30-50 C, relative humidity below 80%);


  1. 1. This mask is for single use only. Mask should conforms to the nose prevent leakage.
  2. Wear the product correctly. It is recommended to replace the mask once used continuously for more than 4 hours.
  3. lt is recommended tear off the mask when breathing not smoothly,or when sleeping.
  4. This product is only suitable for persons over 3 of age.Never the device to the person who have cardiopulmonary dysfunction .
  5. Please use immediately when the package open. If the mask is polluted or damaged, please replace it in time.
  6. This product within the valid date.


It is apply to protect against the filtering of pollen, catkin, particulate matter in daily life and obstructing the exhalation or ejection of pollutants from the nose or mouth.

Disposable Mask
Disposable Mask
Disposable Mask
Disposable Mask
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