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OGAWA Smart DeLight Plus Quadro Tech Massage Chair

The revolutionary OGAWA Smart DeLight Plus is the evolution of massage chairs. We've lavished it with our best and latest technologies, effectively making it the most advanced OGAWA massage chair to date one capable crafting a massage experience that is the closest yet to one given by human hands. To that it to the next level, OGAWA Smart DeLight Plus need to transcend revolutionary so we evolve it to do more than just giving excellent massages. We give it the intelligence to care .

  • Spinal Care

    Spinal Care

    Specifically designed to take care of your spine based on the theory of osteopathy, Spinal Care helps to realign your spine by massaging it with simulated thumb-presses of the new Evolved 3D Rollers, while your body is gently fixed in a therapeutic position by arm and shoulder airbags. Your spine will also be stretched, effectively relaxing tensed muscles to make it more receptive to spinal corrective therapy.

  • Stress Care

    Stress Care

    Intelligently designed based on the methods of insomnia therapies, Stress Care is programmed to keep your stress level minimised to give you a good night's sleep. It helps your body to fully relax with a full body massage that primarily targets your shoulders and neck - two of the most common stress points of your body. This program also removes lactic acid and improves blood circulation concurrently with heat therapy on your thighs and back.

  • Joint Care

    Joint Care

    Joint Care focuses its massage on your legs to soothe stiff muscles, with your body fully relaxed in the zero gravity position. your joints will be stretched with advanced stretching techniques to relieve joint aches efficiently. Joint Care also stimulates the flow of synovial joint fluids, which help in movements.

  • Thai Massage

    Thai Massage

    Uses a traditional zigzag stretching technique to relax your whole body and release them from stress.

  • Balinese Massage

    Balinese Massage

    Loosens up tensed muscles and improves blood circulation by using a combination of simulated finger-kneading, palm massage and heat.

  • Chinese Massage

    Chinese Massage

    Kneads acupuncture points all over your body, combining with scrapping and heat therapy, to give you various health benefits.

  • Blue Rays (Refresh)

    Blue Rays (Refresh)

    Enhance sleep quality, refresh the mind & reset biology clock.

  • Red Rays (Recover)

    Red Rays (Recover)

    Damaged cells recovery & improve skin quality.

  • Green Rays (Calm)

    Green Rays (Calm)

    Calms mind, relaxes tensed muscles.

  • Blue, Red & Green Rays (SLUMBER)

    Blue, Red & Green Rays (SLUMBER)

    Improves sleep quality and harmonise energy.


  • Evolved 3D Massage

    Evolved 3D Massage

    Smart DeLight’s 3D massage rollers are wider and capable of protruding up to 8cm, allowing it to massage acupuncture points and tired spots on your back with better accuracy and strength.

  • S-Track


    With S-Track, the 3D massage rollers can move confirming to the natural shape of your spine, giving your back a more thorough and precise massage.

  • ZERO Gravity Massage

    ZERO Gravity Massage

    This full-body program offers a gentler and more relaxing course of massage to calm the muscles and senses.

  • CUV Ergonomic Design

    CUV Ergonomic Design

    Smart DeLight is ergonomically designed to accommodate your body in the best possible way, in order to maximize the enjoyment of your massage.

  • Adjustable Shoulder and Foot Rest

    Adjustable Shoulder and Foot Rest

    The adjustable shoulder rest allows you to accommodate different shoulder sizes, so for every massage session is perfectly enjoyable for everyone.

  • Heat Therapy

    Heat Therapy

    Detoxifies your body via heat-induced perspiration, using the same principles of sauna and hot stone therapy.

  • ZigZag Massage

    ZigZag Massage

    Stretches your body, from your shoulders to your waist, in a zigzag motion, relieving and freeing your entire body from stress and aches.


Product Name OGAWA Smart DeLight Plus
Model NoOG 7568
Power Source220-240v
Alternating Current50~60Hz
Power Consumption 300W
Timer Given5/10/15/25/30 minutes
Maximum Operating Period30 minutes
Dimensions (L x W x H)

Upright position: 136 cm x 87 cm x 129 cm
Reclined position: 182 cm x 87 cm x 96 cm

WeightGross weight: 143kg
Net weight: 125kg
Length of The WireController wire: 80cm
Power supply wire: Approx 180cm
Music connection wire: Approx 80cm
Usage ConditionEnvironment temperature: 10°C - 40°C
Contrasting humidity: 30 – 85RH
Storage Condition Storage temperature: 20°C - 60°C
Storage humidity: 30 – 85RH
Safety feature Equipped with overheated and power surge safety protection
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