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OGAWA NEX EVOL with Thermo Care Massage Chair

A warm touch can instantly eliminate muscle tension. With that idea in mind, the OGAWA NEX EVOL has incorporated dual heated rollers and foot warmers to cultivate the warmest, most comfortable massage experience at an optimum human body temperature from head to toe, just like a pair of warm hands. The heat is released via the rollers and is evenly dispersed to ease swelling and soothe tense muscles, simultaneously inducing each and every body part into a state a deep relaxation.


  • Dual Heated Rollers
  • Kneading Foot Warmers
  • Matrix Personalised Massage Programs

    Matrix Personalised Massage Programs

    Runs on 9 grids, which focus on 3 major areas – neck, shoulders and back and waist – with a selection of different techniques that can be chosen to create your own massage programs and ultimately achieve comfortable massage.

  • Interactive “Sixth Sense” Sensory Perceptive Technology
  • Advance Body-Scanning Technology

    Advance Body-Scanning Technology

    Programmed with a sophisticated body-scanning function, the OGAWA NEX EVOL is able to detect the prominent acupuncture points of your body and adjust the heated rollers to fit your height and build.

  • Humanised Stretching

    Humanised Stretching

    Combination of air massage technology and the 3D internal stretch mechanism encapsulates the whole body and creates a relaxing body-stretching massage.

Nex Evol


Product Name OGAWA Nex Evol
Model No OG 6008
Power Source AC220-240v
Alternating current 50/60Hz
Power consumption 120W
Timer 5/10/15/25/30 minutes
Maximum operating period 30 minutes
Dimension (L x W x H) Upright position: 125cm x 77cm x 106cm
Reclined position: 141cm x 77cm x 85cm
Weight Gross weight: 92kg
Net weight: 78kg
Length of the wires Controller wire: Approx. 70cm
Power supply wire: Approx. 180cm
Usage condition

Environment temperature: 10°C - 40°C
Contrasting humidity: 30 – 85RH

Storage condition Storage temperature: 20°C - 60°C
Storage humidity: 30 – 85RH
Safety feature Equipped with overheated and power surge safety protection
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