Mobile Seat XE Plus

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OGAWA Mobile Seat XE Plus – XD Tech Massage Cushion

Relax and enjoy a therapeutic massage, anytime of the day with the all-new OGAWA Mobile Seat XE Plus – complete with a range of massage techniques and specially designed programs to relieve aches, fatigue and tensed muscles on upper and lower back.


  • Rolling Massage

    Rolling Massage

    Equipped with advanced human-hand-like rollers that capable to give you a truly revitalizing massage.

  • Shiatsu Massage

    Shiatsu Massage

    Combination of conventional kneading and first-of-its-kind offset kneading massage that enables rollers to move in same and different directions, giving you a deeper and powerful back massage.

  • Heat Therapy

    Heat Therapy

    Utilizes infrared hot compression technology to sooth tensed muscles and increase overall massage benefits.

  • Seat Vibration Massage

    Seat Vibration Massage

    Completely relaxes your tensed muscles with soothing vibration .

  • Basic Intelligent Motorized Timer

    Basic Intelligent Motorized Timer

    A unique features that enables the rollers to simulate the tempo so that your massage experience is realer and livelier than ever .


Product Name OGAWA Mobile Seat XE Plus
Model No OZ 0938
Power Source 100 – 240V
Alternating Current 50~60Hz
Power Consumption 60W
Timer Given 15 minutes
Dimensions (L x W x H) Upright position: 74 x 46 x 50 cm
Weight Gross Weight: 5.7kg
Length of the wire Controller wire: Approx 0.8m
Usage Condition Environment temperature: 10°C - 40°C
Contrast humidity: 30RH – 85RH
Storage Condition Storage temperature: 20°C - 60°C
Contrast humidity: 30RH – 85RH
Safety feature Equipped with overheated and power surge safety protection
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