Moda Sofa
Moda Sofa

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OGAWA Moda Sofa R&J

The OGAWA MODA Sofa R&J is not only known for its impeccable style and compact nature, it also features hop-shaping, buttocks-lifting and leg-toning functions. The OGAWA MODA Sofa R&J enriches your massage with sweetness and your life with beauty.


Moda SofaModa SofaModa Sofa

Massage Programs

  • Buttocks-Lifting – The pressurized airbags on each side of the seat rest will lift and shape your buttocks, so you can achieve a perky, perfect bottom.
  • Hip-Shaping – The pressurized airbag inflate upwards, downwards and sideways to tone and shape your hips and improve your posture.
  • Back Massage Therapy – Kneading and rolling settings for deep tissue massages to relieve stress, eliminates fatigue and relax muscle tension.
  • Thermal Massage Therapy – A unique function whereby heated rollers are used to promote skin microvascular expansion and to loosen up tight muscle tissue.
  • Smart Massage Function – A highly intelligent function which combines all the massage treatments, so you can enjoy back, hip and leg massage all at once.


Product Name OGAWA MODA Sofa R&J
Model NoOS 3008A
Power Source 220V – 240V
Power Frequency50-60Hz
Power consumption 72W
Dimensions (L x W x H)

Decline: 880mm x 680mm x 1020mm
Incline: 1350mm x 680mm x 880mm

Weight 33kg
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